We offer complex dental treatment for abroad patients, connected with airport pick-up and drop off, together with accommodation in one of our partner hotels. We are eager to provide possibility of combining treatment with rest and numerous attractions.

Why should you decide on treatment in Poland in our practice? 

  • 19604753_sTotal cost of treatment (with flights, accommodation and treatment) is around 2-3 times cheaper than in West Europe countries.

The cost of dental implant, with prosthetic housing (ready tooth) is around 800-1200 euro. In Germany or France it may be the cost of 2000-2500 euro .

  • The quality of dental treatment in Poland is high, and prices are relatively low. High competition of dentists forces continuous education and upskilling of doctors, with simultaneous reducing prices of dental treatment.
  • We are family medical practice, with 25 years of professional experience.
  • 11305202_sWe implement and use the most modern and proven solutions in dental treatment.
  • We combine treatment with various attractions, what makes time spent in Poland the perfect rest (Detailed packages will be sent on e-mail)
  • We fluently speak English and French.





If you have any questions, please feel free to contact as by using our e-mail address.

An initial range of treatment and cost estimate is calculated by email.

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