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Painless treatments


The Wand – it is a computer device, enabling painless local anesthesia before dentist  treatment. Applying anesthesia using this device is painless for the patient. Everything is due to the processor, controlling the rate of applying a liquid. Anesthetic is given under a low pressure – that allows to avoid expanding of a soft tissue and generating pain. Due to its specification, we strongly recommend this type of anesthesia for children and adults feeling fear of the needle and traditional applying methods.








Fluoridation – Fluor is pale yellow gas with high chemical activity. It is an element of water, plants, bones and teeth of human and animals. Its lack is the cause of intense caries. Mechanism of anti-caries fluorine activity is multilateral. It hardens dissolution of a tooth by bacterial acids, by strengthening its chemical structure. It also blocks the growth of bacteria by affecting their metabolism, and reducing production of bacterial acids.



Sealing the teeth  – the caries of occlusal surfaces of second teeth affect around 45% of teeth surface. It is caused by food residuals located in furrows of that surface and weak acid resistance of other surfaces. The remedy is sealing teeth, which fills the furrows and insulates them from bacteria, bacterial acids and oral environment – that removes the possibility of development of dental caries.




Ultrasonic scaling – dental plaque on the surface of the tooth, consisting mainly of bacteria, rapidly mineralizes, which leads to deposition of tartar. It is scientifically proven, that removing tartar deposit helps preventing gingivitis. It should be performed once or twice a year, while in case of inflammatory changes of a gum – even more often. It prevents transforming gingivitis in periodontitis (affecting bone around the tooth). Periodontitis is a quick way of developing tooth looseness and its falling of the bone or the necessity of removing it. Systematical removing of tartar deposit is fully effective, if combined with maintaining the hygiene of oral cavity. Otherwise – especially in case of some people – the deposition of tartar may become really fast.

After  removing  tartar deposit and  sandblasting tooth, it is possible to see the atrophy of a gum and a bone together with uncovering the roots caused by tartar and lack of proper hygiene.






Sandblasting teeth– sandblasting is a treatment which removes discoloration of the tooth crowns of external origin(tobacco, coffee, tea, certain foods), which may be removed by using a proper devices using a strong stream of compressed air, water and sodium bicarbonate.

  • Before sandblasting and scaling


  • After sandblasting and scaling


Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

We offer you Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics with a modern and reliable equipment and materials. We use proven, highly aesthetic light-curing materials.

The correctness of the treatment channel is controlled by device measuring  the length of root canals  – Raypex 5 and a special endodontic micromotor –  Reciproc gold, which allows performing mechanical (not manual, as in traditional dentistry)  elaboration of root canals. It is faster, more efficient and allows to predict long-term efficacy of treatment. Endodontic treatment is verified with the patient, by showing him x-ray, taken by radiographic system Planmeca, guarantying the minimal possible radiation dose. Painless treatment is guaranteed by  AquaCut Quattro  device (the possibility of cleaning tooth decay without a drill) and by device used for computer, painless anesthesia – The wand.

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Abrasive painless dental cavities elaboration

We offer you the benefit of latest technology of abrasive “drill-less” elaboration of dental cavities, based on the device Aquacut Quattro. It is abrasive gritter, which cuts the tissue of a tooth with a steam of compressed air, liquid and abrasive powder. The treatment does not require anesthesia – it is painless. We strongly recommend that service to children and people feared of the typical “drilling”.



We offer You treating your children in friendly atmosphere, by qualified staff, skilled in the ability of establishing contact with child. We use modern equipment for painless and “drill – less”, abrasive elaboration of dental cavities – Aquacut Quattro and a system of painless computer anesthesia  – The Wand. No more fear of the dentist!

We invite you for adaptive visits destined for children

The first meeting of a child with a dentist is an event that can have serious influence on his subsequent attitude to dental treatment.  Child can be convinced that dentist’s appointments can be nice and painless experience. If your child visits dentist for the first time “in pain”, the trauma may remain for a lifetime.

If he or she becomes familiar with an office and treatments by having some fun, subsequent visits will not be associated only with the chore.It is important that the first visit should take  place without pain and stress, that means – before your child starts to complain he or she has a toothache.

A children who have never been to the dentist before are not afraid of him, because … they do  not know that they  could be afraid! That is why it is so important not to “sell” your own fears to your child while preparation for the visit. We invite all of the parents with their children for free adaptive visit.


Instant bleaching

We offer you a possibility of instant bleaching you teeth, by using the lamp of newest generation –  Zoom! WhiteSpeed. Zoom! WhiteSpeed is fourth generation, office bleaching system made by Philips Oral Healthcare – worldwide leader in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Zoom! system is successfully used for more than 10 years in over 90 countries all over the word. Zoom! system was created by Dr. Bill Dorfman –  dentist who took care about the smiles of biggest Hollywood celebrities for years. ( (among others:  Eva Longoria, Usher, Jessica Simpson or Anne Hathaway). This treatment is  completely painless and takes about an hour.

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We also provide services of the implementation removable dentures and fixed restorations such us dental crown and bridges on a metal or half-ceramic framework, or a framework made from zirconium oxide. The proximity of our partner lab results in a fast implementation of the planned work.

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If  taking an x-ray is necessary, we are equipped in Finnish office system of radiography –  Planmeca.The camera is connected to a desktop computer which allows to instantly display the X-ray images on a monitor located at the patient’s chair and conduct quick diagnosis and discussion of the case with a patient.  It is a modern device with the radiographic system, which significantly reduces radiation dose taken by the patient comparing to the conventional X-ray.A single dose of radiation is so small (about 0.3 uSv), that exceeding the accepted,  maximum yearly dose for a human, would require taking more than 3330 of such images annually.

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Dental Surgery

We offer you a full range of services in the field of dental surgery such as removal of retained wisdom teeth, tooth extraction complex tooth  extraction, plastic frenulum, cyst enucleation procedures, guided bone regeneration procedures, resection of the apical foramen, closing connections and oro-antral fistula, dental implant treatments.



We offer You a consultation for implant treatment, as well as the professional planning, surgery and prosthetic reconstruction of a tooth on the implant.Implant Consultation is always free. We guarantee implants of an excellent quality made by German company Trinon. The treatment is performed by an experienced oral surgeon, Dr. Arkadiusz Herczakowski.